Terms And Conditons

Requirements for Participation

  1. This competition is open to both local and international participants.
  2. Individuals or teams of not more than 4 members and 1 team leader (maximum total of 5 persons per team) are welcome to take part in the competition.
  3. In the tertiary level and school category, the teams should have not more than 4 members and 1 teacher-in-charge (maximum total of 5 persons per team). A team leader should be chosen from the team members.
  4. Collaborative efforts with industries are encouraged without Intellectual Property (IP) infringement.
  5. The organisers have the right to reject any entry it deems unsuitable for the competition.


Registration/ entry guidelines

To participate, the following should be submitted:

  1. Online Entry Form
  2. 3 minutes or less Video Presentation
  3. A copy of supporting documents (MyIPO/ Testimonies/etc)
  4. Proof of Payment


Judging Criteria

  1. A panel of judges will be appointed to evaluate the projects for the
  2. The following criteria will be judged by the panel:
    1. Novelty
      • This is to ensure the originality and ingenuity of the product.
    2. Commercial value
      • This is to ensure the IP ownership steps are taken, the marketability of the product in terms of profitability.
    3. Social responsibility
      • This includes the practicality and usage of the product for the benefit of the community and its ability to enhance better and more comfortable living.
    4. Overall design, display, and packaging of the product
      • This includes the attractiveness of the product in terms of the selection of its name, colour, practicality, user-friendliness, packaging, etc.
    5. Video presentation of the product
      • The presentation should be brief, clear, and concise.
      • Maximum of a 3-minute video presentation
    6. The jury’s decision is final, and no disputes or appeals will be entertained.